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The purpose of this site is to help Christian preachers, teachers and students prepare sermons or theological essays that will reveal God's heart, and do so with authenticity and integrity and WITHOUT BEING BORING. It is also here for anyone who wishes access to a complete set of my sermons, or to find what I've taught on any given theological issue, topic or passage of scripture.

These sermons have been copied, downloaded and heard literally tens of thousands of times all over the world over the last 14 years. Rather than limit their utility to individuals listening to these sermons themselves, the underlying organizational and theological work is now made accessible to anyone with internet access that desires to take advantage of it. I hope this will prove useful and a blessing for you.

Expect the sermons to be informed, rigorous, pretty orthodox but also a bit edgy. To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

This site is searchable, indexed and cross-referenced by scripture, topic, and the common lectionary, in addition to other aids to make sermons and teachings interesting.

If you're a preacher, read this:

Think of what you find here as outline or skeleton (not unlike Charles Simeon), on which you build an effective and moving message. I'm not a ventriloquist, so these aren't intended to be my sermons out of your mouth (or my essay through your fingers), just a bit of my research, theology, thinking and organization to help your preparation to share the good news. I hope you find it helpful.

You do not need to give attribution if you use this website. What is useful and true here is old and well developed truth from scripture, tradition, reason, the dictionary, languages, history, science and any other source I could find that was helpful. You can reference any of them as you wish, of course (or this site if you really want to), but the point here is to share, share, share. It isn't about being original or crediting me (George), because what is here is stuff I learned or found anyway. I didn't invent it from whole cloth, though a lot of it has my style and fire and hope. So just use it and share the gospel with gladness.

You don't have to pay anything, ever, to use this site. If you want to kick in $10 every now and then to help support it, that would be great, but you don't have to. (To kick something in, click here. It's NOT tax deductible, by the way.)